Types of Schools in Calgary

Types of Schools in Calgary Here in Alberta, you can actually encounter two types of schools. It can be either a private or public school. When it comes to funding, the Province of Alberta is the one responsible for the funding of its operations. On the opposite side, for the private schools, there are private… Continue reading Types of Schools in Calgary

The Importance of Education

The Importance of Education There are lots of debates going on if education nowadays is the only stepping stone to success. This is because of the success of several individuals who made it big in their fields even after dropping out of college. However, what the media shows is just only a small percentage of… Continue reading The Importance of Education

Homeschooling Vs Conventional Schooling

Homeschooling Vs Conventional Schooling Basically, there are two types of schooling that you can encounter here in Calgary. It is either you go to a conventional school which requires students to go to school to attend their respective classes or homeschooling. However, specialized education is also available here in Calgary. This approach is rapidly becoming… Continue reading Homeschooling Vs Conventional Schooling

How important is education

How important is education Many individuals underestimate the value of education. It is a big factor when it comes to having a brighter future. Although there are people who became successful without finishing school, the chances are slim. The sad thing is there is an increasing rate of out-of-school youth here in Calgary. It is… Continue reading How important is education