Basic Knowledge About Schools in Calgary

Schools in Calgary

Here in Alberta particularly in Calgary, you can have two choices when it comes to choosing a school. It is either you choose a public or private school for your child. Public schools’ funds are from the government.

On the other hand, private schools’ funds are from diversified sources. Some of the most common examples are private donations, grants, and tuition fees. Public schools are usually the best option for parents when it comes to the education of their children.

Knowledge About Schools

The Factors in Choosing a School

The main reason is the subjects in public schools are the standard curriculum throughout Canada. However, there are other factors that you should consider when it comes to choosing a school.

  • Religious beliefs
  • Level of academic achievements
  • Language
  • Notable skills
  • Talents

There are schools that are specialized in a particular subject matter. It will help in enhancing the innate gifts of the child. However, these types of schools can be very expensive.

Types of Schools in Calgary

As we have mentioned a while ago, you can find different types of schools in Calgary. It is either you let your child go to a public school or private school which includes specialized schools.

To give you an insight, here are the types of schools that you can find in Calgary in a more detailed manner.

Public Schools

This is the most common school type that you can find in Calgary. The funds for public schools’ operations are from the government.

They are required to be in line with the similar provincial curriculum and the learners must catch up with the academic standards of Alberta as well. Also, there are added fees that are not inclusive of the tuition that is paid by the government.

You can expect that a quality basic education will be in store for a learner in a public school. There is no discrimination on who can enroll in public schools in Alberta, as long as you are okay with the curriculum, free education is up for grabs.

This is inclusive of 13 years of schooling from kindergarten to grade 12. Provincial exams are also required for certain subjects in order to graduate. Low-income parents can also issue a promissory note if they aren’t able to pay the extra fees on time. It includes transportation and other miscellaneous fees.

Separate Schools

A school that has an aim to introduce spirituality and morality according to faith is called a separate school. It will shape the students depending on religion, it is either a Roman Catholic or Protestant Christian. The entirety of the schools in Calgary is all Roman Catholic except for 2 schools.

Francophone Schools

For foreign students from France, Francophones are the best schools to enroll. Even though it caters primarily to French students, all are welcome.

In this school, a student will be able to learn the French language, culture, and sense of belongingness to the French world. The standard that the Francophone schools are following is from the Alberta curriculum.


This type of school gives an innovative and advanced education format. The teaching style may be different compared to the other types of schools. This boosts the chances of the learners to improve their God-given skills which they can use in their careers in the future. The same curriculum is followed by charter schools.

Private Schools

As we are keep on saying a while ago, private schools are the paid counterpart of public schools. Since these schools get their funds on tuition fees and other miscellaneous fees paid by the parents and guardians, it does not get any funding from the provincial government.

The curriculum in private schools is based on Alberta’s standard curriculum. However, there are minor modifications made to fit the school’s approach of teaching.

Examples of the private schools here in Calgary that is faith-based are the following:

  • Akram Jomaa Islamic School
  • Bearspaw Christian School
  • Master’s Academy

The approach of this school is to teach the learner with emphasis on their academic achievement. They are either faith-based or if not creativity and emotionally-driven approaches are the ones they are using.


Life can be very competitive for grown-ups. So it is important that a child has a great foundation when it comes to their education. It is truly great if we will choose a school that caters to the needs of your child to be efficient individuals in the future.

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