Types of Schools in Calgary

Types of Schools in Calgary

Here in Alberta, you can actually encounter two types of schools. It can be either a private or public school. When it comes to funding, the Province of Alberta is the one responsible for the funding of its operations.

types of schools

On the opposite side, for the private schools, there are private donors that technically support the operations of the school. Moreover, public schools use the standard curriculum for teaching and many prefer to enroll their child on this type.

However, there are alternatives that are available for a more specific market. The following are the less common types of schools but do offer great curriculum. Some examples of the following are:


You can either choose between a Roman Catholic or Protestant run school if you are a christian. These faith-based schools are also known as separate schools. This type of school has similar educational standards with public schools except for the additional subjects and activities that are related to religion.


It would be great if sense of leadership will be developed at a very young age. The primary focus of leadership schools is to provide the learners with a strong curriculum that will allow them to become good followers and in the future be a respective leader in their communities.


One of the best examples of this type are francophone schools. This type of school’s primary mode of communication is French. On top of that, students here taught on the foundation of French culture.  It includes the culture, identity, and sense of belonging.


The main goal of the schools under this category is eyed towards academic excellence. Students are mostly on a strict curriculum that drives extensive learning on the students. As a result, they will become more competitive in the long run.


When it comes to learning, creativity always matters. Once creativity is enhanced, there will be boundless opportunities awaits. There are lots of opportunities in the corporate world nowadays that is why enhancing the creative side of the learners at a very young age will build good foundations.

The creativity revolves around the talents and innate skills of the learner. Moreover, the schools that are under this category will make sure that the skills and talents of the child will not go into waste.


Even though there are lots of different schools in Calgary, there is still a similar thought of why these schools existed. This is because the society would want to build a society that has a high literacy rate. As a result, the workforce will become stronger as well which will lead to a better economy.

You can either choose a public or private school for your child and the decision is reliant on your preference and needs. At the end of the day, what matters most is the wondrous opportunities that a school can provide in learning.



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