Homeschooling Vs Conventional Schooling

Homeschooling Vs Conventional Schooling

Basically, there are two types of schooling that you can encounter here in Calgary. It is either you go to a conventional school which requires students to go to school to attend their respective classes or homeschooling.

homeschool vs traditional

However, specialized education is also available here in Calgary. This approach is rapidly becoming more common especially at the onset of the pandemic. It gave people the idea that homeschooling can be as efficient as the conventional ways.

What to choose?

There are different factors to consider when choosing the type of school for your child. You can go choose to homeschool but there are other aspects of your child’s life that might be compromised. Yes, there are advantages but you must weigh in if it is worth it compared to its disadvantages.

The most notable advantage that homeschooling can give is comfort. This is because the learner can be able to learn without the need to go outdoors and commute to school.

However, the aspect that is most compromised on this type of schooling is socialization. In this manner, learners will not be able to socialize with their co-students. This might leave a negative impact in the future. The lack of development in their socialization skills might become a problem as they grow up.

Furthermore, if the child is in need of special attention due to specific reasons, homeschooling can be a great choice. But as much as possible, if it is not necessary, it would be great if your child will experience socializing with other kids.


Every kind of education will bring great things to your child as we try to build a good future for them. However, we must make sure that the approach of teaching will surely maximize their potential. This will help them become stronger individuals on their quest to become successful in life as they grow up.

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